Most of the times you need a conversational English or German knowledge to apply, based on the recommendations of your position. This will be the language you will use day-by day to communicate with your colleagues and guests.


During the first days of your work, your supervisor will show everything you need to do and the way to do it properly, so there is nothing you need to find out by yourself. If you follow these methods, not afraid of the work hours, you will have a nice time on board and an easy career opportunity.


Positive and friendly are the two key factors. You will work and be surrounded with people every hour, so you must be able to handle everyone easily, communicate well and bypass the attitude, cultural and other differences between you and your colleagues.


The registration is the base of your application, because you can provide us all the necessary information and preference of you, such as the position you want to work in, your date to sign up and similar preferences.

General Registration

The general registration is the easiest way to start your application, because you just need to download our current brochure, read it carefully, choose your position preferences and complete the online form.

After you completed the registration, we will revise your application data, modify it with your assistance to maximize your chances, and assess your language knowledge (Skype Interview), to ensure that you will reach the standards of the position and the employer.

When your application data is ready, we will send your CV automatically for the suitable openings.

Direct registration

It is possible that you will find one of our ads or Facebook posts based on an exact opening. In this case you can apply directly, by e-mail. From here the steps you need to take are exactly the same as you seen at the general registration, but we will send you the brochure by e-mail along with the opening’s exact details, and the whole process must be completed in matter of days before the position is taken.

It is not impossible, but if you are basically interested to sign up, than the general registration is more advised.  ​

What if you have questions?

Independently of the way you register, you can contact us any time in case of a question. Remember: It is easier for us too, if you are informed perfectly.


If you are hired we will send you the Job Offer to sign and accept the position officially. This offer contains the core features of your employment, such as the name of the vessel, position, salary conditions, sign up date/place and all the necessary information you need to know.

After you accept the offer, the cruise line will issue your employment contract, and inform you about all the extra administration you need to complete. It is vital to sign and send the contract back to the cruise line according the schedule, because a serious delay can cause the termination of the contract.

Of course, the medical examination and other administrative tasks can be completed slower, but everything must be ready before your step on board.



During the administration​ we will inform you about the exact date/time/timeframe and location where you can reach your ship and step onboard. The only thing you need to do, is just simply travel to the location, at the time mentioned, and join your ship.

In practice you just need to book your ticket to the city where the ship is located, and we will provide you a detailed plan to travel from the airport/station to the vessel. It is important to mention that on the day you travel you can rely on our 24 hour phone assistance, in case of delays, or difficulties.


Basically, the process can take days or weeks. We will work based on the preferred sign up time you mark at the registration, so most of the time you will have weeks to complete the administration.

Note that if you register with an ASAP start, or your marked start day is close, than you might have to sign up in matter of days. To prevent difficulties it is vital to let us know your possibilities, or anything can set you back (missing documentation/passport, travel/finance limitations, current work contract, etc.)


The average cost of the process is 150-200Eur, which depends on the time and location you need to step on board, and the documentation you need to collect. Over this it is advised to calculate with some spending money for your travel and for the time onboard before your first salary arrives.

  • Travel: 80-110Eur

  • Passport:30-50Eur

  • Birth Certificate: 10Eur

  • Medical Certificate: 0-30Eur (for the river cruises, the medical documentation is minimal, and can be validated by a family doctor)


NOTE that your application is free of charge and you don’t have to calculate with registration/administration and agency fees. All your expenses are based on the official documentation you need to obtain according the authority regulations or employer recommendations, and your travel expenses.

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