everything is provided and organized – you just need to use it
Let’s see the secrets of an average day of the crew, and see how they live day-by-day on board. There is a fact – No matter that space is limited, you don’t have to face any hardships. Every service and equipment are provided to make your days go flawlessly.



The main meeting area of the crew, which is located mainly at the front of the ship. You can imagine this place as a regular pub with music, area to dance, entertainment, and alcoholic/non-alcoholic beverages.


From the simple to the special drinks and spirits, you will be able to find anything you need for a low price. For example, a gin tonic is 1,5USD; a beer can be 1USD, which is cheaper than on land, or in the guest areas.

Most of the time there are many events located in these bars, but during the weekdays you still can enjoy the darts, video games, billiard (it is funny onboard) or for example the super bowl on the screens.


Of course, it is essential to know that you can consume alcohol, but you must keep the limits!


Usually, in every second week, there is a big organized party for the crew, in the crew bar, or in one of the main bars/disco of the ship, which is closed for the guests for that night. These are big events based on topics (disco, Halloween, etc.…) and the music is provided by the DJ of the ship or one of the professional bands on board.




Almost every square meter of the vessel is covered with WIFI signal so that you can use your laptop in the cabin, or the public computers in the crew library. Of course, you need to pay for the internet, but the price is good, you can pay/minute, and it will be perfect to communicate with people at home, e-mail, and use the social media like Facebook.


Also, you can connect when you leave the ship because in the ports you can find free, or cheap internet in the crew bars, and local places. A big part of the locations is public, but with time, you will know, or find the more hidden places where the bandwidth is all yours.


Moreover, what if you want to use your phone?

The mobile devices are working only at the ports, but not on the sea. Luckily you can use the phone in your cabin to call back home, with a simple pre-paid card can be purchased on board. These cards are cheap (10-15USD) and you can call landlines or mobiles in your home country for 45-60 minutes straight.


Mail and package delivery

It is funny, but every vessel has its mailing address, and with this address, you can receive consignments from home or other sources. The bigger advantage of it that most of the crewmembers use the internet to buy items online, and this is the only way to receive them on board. Luckily the service is fully reliable, and you will have your wanted items every time you get back to the homeport.




On board, you will find various, daily changing menus in the crew messes, to ensure the proper meals for you. Every time you can choose from different side dishes, 3 kinds of meat, salads, pasta, desserts, soups, and cold dishes to ensure your satisfaction, or give to an opportunity to eat according to your taste.


The best thing that there is no limit, so you can eat as much as you want to, but don’t forget that it is easy to gain some excess weight if you lose your control.

The dining time and the opening of the crew messes are based on the schedule, so there is no chance to miss them. Also, you don’t need to worry if you get hungry late, because there is a midnight snack until 3 PM, and there are several shorter „snack times” during the day where you can find sandwiches, cookies, coffee and similar things to eat something fast.


It is important to mention that you are not allowed to bring food to the cabins from the restaurants.



Tea, coffee and milk are provided during the whole day for free, and you can find juices during the dining hours in vending machines.

Of course, you can find the well-known brands as well, in special machines in the crew areas or in the bars for low price (~0.6USD/coke)



Every square inch is valuable on board, but it doesn’t mean that you should go without comfort – this is true in the cabins as well, because they are small, but perfectly engineered, so there will be lots of opportunities to pack your items, rest, sleep and spend time in. Also, all the wardrobes can be locked, so there is no need to worry about.

These cabins are designed to accommodate two crewmembers in comfort, TV, DVD, and phone are in almost every of them. We can make the difference between crew and staff cabins, where the staff cabins got their own bathroom, and the crew cabins designed with a shared bathroom between two cabins (of course these are bigger and can be closed from the inside both ways).


The maintenance of these cabins is the duty of the repair team, so you just need to take care about the tidiness.

As we mentioned that you will have a cabinmate, but most of the time your mate will work in the similar department as you, and probably came from the same country as well. The cabin changes are different in every fleet, but most of the time it is manageable according the opportunities of the Staff Captain and the HR.




You will find a crew laundry on every vessel where you can take care about your outfits easily. These rooms are equipped with 10+ industrial washing machines which can handle all your outfits in one time, and dryers to bypass the hanging.


Most of the time the washing detergents are provided as well, but you can use your own purchased on land. It is important that the laundry is the only place where you can iron your uniforms with a built-in equipment, because irons are prohibited in all other areas of the ship based on fire hazard they represent.




This is one of the most important questions for everybody. Of course, the schedule is depending on the cruise lines, route and mainly your position you work at, so we can check out the general conditions only.

  • You should calculate with 8-12 of work per day according your schedule which is divided to multiply parts with breaks. Most if the time you will have a longer break in the middle of the day what you can use to leave the ship and explore the area. Maybe you feel that this time is short, but you should know that the guests can spend out a few extra hours only in general -  once in their life, while you will come back to the same place every week for free – It is way better for the crew.

  • Most of the time you won’t have a full day offs, only a half day off maximum, which means 6-8 hours of free time straight, usually in the morning time. It is an advantage because you can maximize your time on the land (it would be useless to have it in the night, because all your friends are working, so there won’t be anything else to do than watch a movie in the cabin).

Also, there are nightshifts in the housekeeping, kitchen and room service.





You will find a „hospital” on board of every cruise liner, which are equipped fully, and operated by doctors and qualified nurses. They can give emergency care in every case happens on board from a simple cut to the serious injuries. As a crewmember, you can use their services anytime you need to, and have the medication if needed (for free or for low price)

Also, if there is a serious injury than they can contact with the land hospitals, to bring you to the closest dock where the ambulance is waiting for you, or in serious cases the Coast Guard will assist. The long and the short of it that you have nothing to worry about.


Important to mention that the dental, or gynecological services can be used only on land.




During the workhours, you must wear the proper outfit per your job and the hour of the day as well. All the pieces will be provided after your sign up.

Also, you can enter to the guest areas in uniform, or the proper outfit no matter that you are on off-duty. This may sound bad, but according the experience, the guest area will be the last where you want to spend your time while you are off – the beach is way better.

In the crew areas, you can wear your regular outfit according you want with a few regulations. These rules are based on the sober senses only, so for example you are not allowed to hang around half naked, in swimsuit, or barefoot. Which is mandatory is to wear your crew ID or nametag every time, because this is the only way for the security guards to know that you are allowed in the crew areas (no guests are allowed there)


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