The Port Orient Ltd is a private enterprise aims to provide a verifiable, effective and reliable recruitment services for Cruise Lines, while offers a fair, trustworthy and Scam-free assistance for the motivated and qualified crewmembers of the European labor market. 


We  designed our campaigns to provide catering and other service staff for the Cruise Lines and Crew Management Companies from beginner applicants to those professionals who meet the 6 star service ratings.


Port Orient distances itself from those agencies which apply shady fees for the applicants due to the fast profit.

To give proof of it proudly acquired the MLC 2006 Compliance certification issued by the UK Maritime & Coastguard Agency.



We are a UK registered, but internationally active company who complete most of the recruitment campaigns to utilize the talent sources of the Eastern European region, countries such as Hungary, Romania, Serbia and Slovakia.


Thanks for our efforts we managed to build an effective service chain from the labor markets to the Ship Owners and Crew Management Companies and place our applicants on 4-5-6 start rating vessels internationally.

Cooperation is effective, this is the reason why we work in close connection with our parent establishment the del REY International Group.
The seven years of experience in the hotel recruitment industry, constant cooperation with international hotel partners, educational institutions, universities and the labor market itself, gives us a strong foundation, and more importantly a connection with those young applicants who can be the next generation of catering professionals on board.
  • We have experience in crew recruitment for 4-5-6 star vesselsand able to pre-select applicants by multiple aspects of expectations, to ensure that they will meet the requirements.

  • We have years of experience in hospitality specialized recruitment - and own the ability to understand the expectations and workflow of a big size hotel or cruise line.

  • We are able to manage high headcounts and deadlines - to guarantee the required number of applicants for a job fair, or a season start.

  • We are present in educational institutions - to recruit freshly graduated professionals and popularize the benefits of positions aboard.

  • We can recruit internationally - Thanks to our connections, we can perform international recruitment tasks according to the needs of our partners

  • We use our own experiences - Every member of our team participated in one or more of our abroad programs, to understand and recognize the mandatory abilities - which make an employee perfect - to fulfill the employer’s requirements.



Feel free to use the following form to contact us, and one of our colleagues will get in touch with you to discuss your questions.

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