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As the brand new branch of the del REY International, The Port Orient aimed to provide the same modern, customized and outstanding recruitment process for the cruise industry, which made it the leader hospitality specialized recruiter of the Mediterranean area.



The recruitment of the experienced and qualified applicants is only the half of the battle. In our opinion, investing in the next generation’s knowledge by experience programs and education, is the main source of those highly trained professionals, who has the perfect capabilities, which fits for the modern needs of every employer.



To ensure the easier reach of the suitable applicants and an effective hire process, all of our partners can enjoy the following assistance:

Perform independent recruitment processes and campaigns based on the needs of the cruise line.

Orientation of the applicants according to the regulations of the cruise line (lectures, written brochures, interviews, all with certification).

Assess the language knowledge of the applicants by interviews and independent methods. (for example Marlins test).

Organize events, interviews and job fairs regarding by the expectations of the cruise line.

Provide full assistance for the hired crew in visa, medical and travel administration tasks, to ensure the proper documentation for the embarkation.

Ensure the continuous and reliable communication between the hired crew and the employer cruise line before boarding.

Providing elementary level education for non-experienced crew, to ensure faster conformity after the sign on process (photo, serving and similar basic trainings).

Perform recruitment processes in advance, to fulfill the cruise line’s expected manning needs.



Thanks to our professional team, modern applicant tracking system and marketing/cooperating partners, all of the above mentioned steps can carry out independently, provide a ready to use result for the cruise lines, without excess load on their HR department.

We never stop evolving on any of the fields.

We have years of experience in hospitality specialized recruitment - and own the ability to understand the expectations and workflow of a big size hotel or cruise line.


We are able to manage high headcounts and deadlines - to guarantee the expected number of applicants for a job fair, example a for season start.


We are present in educational institutions - to recruit freshly graduated professionals and popularize the benefits of positions aboard.

We carry out our projects independently - to prevent the excess load on Partner’s Human Resources Division.

We can recruit internationally - Thanks to our connections, we can perform international recruitment tasks according by the needs of our partners

We use our own experiences - Every member of our team participated in one or more of our abroad programs, to understand and recognize the mandatory abilities - which make an employee perfect - to fulfill the employer’s requirements.



Feel free to use the following form to contact us, and one of our colleagues will get in touch with you to discuss your questions.