There is no stop – parties, beaches, and adventure day by day
It is not only a great opportunity to travel, but a unique place to know other people – more than 1000 crew on board for different nationalities and locations.



If you would like to keep yourself healthy or just interested to start a more active lifestyle than you will have all the equipment you need. On board of almost every ship, you will find a crew gym equipped to cover the needs of an entire workout day by day. Also, if you are lucky, you can use the jogging track of the vessel and enjoy the panoramic view from the top of the ship during your rounds around.




It is a misbelief that these vessels are at sea every day, and there is no opportunity to leave them. In reality, they dock almost every day at one of the most beautiful beaches of the area you sail at – and these places you can go out freely according to your schedule.


You will be able to leave the ship for a couple of hours almost every day, and no need to worry if you missed one of the ports. You will come back every week, so there is plenty of time to visit your favorite places during your contract.

It is not a surprise that every crew member will have their favorite location, just as a second home – For example the „No Name Bar” at Cozumel/Mexico, where all the crewmembers meet when they docked, and spend the whole time with a corona in their hands while jumping from the pier.


Also, there is a big advantage that you can access for special places with a great allowance, such as Atlantis at Nassau.


Can you live like this on land? With these places to visit after your shift? We don’t think so...




There is a special group on board, whose job is to take care of your free time and wellbeing. They spend their days to organize on and off-board programs for you, because there are other things to do after the work and the sunbathing. Let’s check these out:


Food Parties


There are more than 50 nationalities on board, and they will bring the parts of their own culture. Moreover, what is the most common thing in every culture? – ALL OF US LOVE TO EAT


Usually, you can participate in food parties every week – Just imagine a big buffet restaurant filled with a special kind of food, and you can eat as much as you want (or can). These parties are based on different cultures, of dishes, for example, Italian foods, or soups from different countries, which is a great opportunity to try something new. Of course, one of the favorite themes is chocolate, so don’t be surprised if you come home with a few pounds of extra weight.


Bingo – The big money


Just like in Vegas, the best prize is the jackpot. This is the idea behind the bingo nights where you can buy your tickets for a few dollars, and with a little luck, you can win 500-5000 dollars or valuable prizes like iPads and similar.


Poker – Black Jack?


If you love to play than these tours are for you. You can participate in these weeks-long tournaments, and win great prizes at the end.



Crew Talent shows


Do you love America’s got talent? Well, on board you can participate in a similar event where you can show your talent in the front of the crew at the main theatre of the vessel, with professional light and sound technique just as in real life.


What kind of performance will you see?

Of course, the most popular is the singing, but you will see magic tricks, acting and all the similar performances – and if you are lucky, then you might witness a male Chippendale show as well performed by the sporty members of the crew.


Do you prefer more calm activities?


The best place for it is the local pubs and crew bars located on every beach, where no guests are allowed.

For example, these kinds of bars are at Mahogany Bay, where you need to go to the end of the beach, where you will find a pub with barbeque, cold coronas and a 100 feet long pier just above the clear water.


The second favorite is the early mentioned no-name bar at Cozumel where all the crewmembers can meet from different cruise lines, or the local bar at the docks of Montego Bay Jamaica, where you can enjoy the Reggae music and the locally brewed Red Stripe beer.



On every vessel, you will find 1-2 bars which are only for the crew, where you can blow off the steam at the end of the day. These bars are in the crew areas, or the bow of the ships which makes the guests jealous every time. Here you can find TV, music, darts, billiard (which is funny on board) and other tools to entertain yourself.


Of course, the crew bar can be boring after a few months, that is the reason why the HR crew organizes big parties in every second week. These parties can be at the crew bar, or the main disco/bar of the ship, where you can dance as much as you can until the morning.



You can imagine these cruises like 3-7 day trips, with a different port every day. Everything starts with the embarkation day when you pick up the new group of guests and sail with them to the new locations during the night until you reach back to your homeport to say bye for the guests and embark a new group to sail with.


For example, your homeport can be San Juan – Puerto Rico, where you leave at night and arrive at the beautiful island of St. Thomas. From here you will spend a day at sea and arrive in Barbados, St. Lucia, Kitts and St. Marteen – and then your homeport again.

SHOPPING – until you will need an extra bag


In practice, you will earn good money without bills and rent – and it means you will have lots of money to spend. You will buy all the goods and luxury items you wanted for a long time, such as the laptops, sunglasses, cameras, watches, and jewelry. It is a funny fact that you can see on the crewmembers that their watches, perfumes, and outfit are more expensive than the guest’s, who are looking for the cheap buy in every port.


How are these possible?


  • You will know where are the best shops in every port.

  • At your homeport, there are many organized opportunities for the crew to get to the malls.

  • The shops onboard give an allowance for the crewmembers and there are „crew sales” where you can buy for cheaper.




Just as for the guests, there are organized excursions for the crew also, where you can visit the most iconic places of the port you are. With these, you can visit the more away locations such as the pyramids at Mexico, Glaciers in Alaska, Pisa, The Vatican, or for example you can climb the Etna at Sicily.


Of course, you should pay for these tours, but as a benefit, it will be fully organized, so you don’t have to worry about the distance and the time you have. It is a big advantage to visit as many tours you can because you will see unforgettable places you might never visit.


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