As a photographer of the Image Photo Services, you will have the chance to work one of the best cruise ships of the world, such as the Quantum, Oasis, Allure of the Seas, Celebrity Reflection or Disney Dream and visit beautiful coastlines from the US to Asia.



Build a professional career in photography?

You will have a great chance for it because you can gain professional experience with a cutting-edge technology, and an infinite line of models which is simply impossible on land. Over this, you can take rapid steps in your career, because by the rotation of the contracts you can step higher and higher to Senior Photographer or Manager levels.


Earn and save more?

It is a common benefit because you will earn 12.500-35.000USD yearly, with no living costs. That means you can save almost the full amount of your salary each month.


To live extraordinarily?

In average, there are 1000 crewmembers on board of each ship, representing 50 different nationalities. Thanks to this you will have plenty of programs on board each week to make your days more exciting and fun.


Travel to the most beautiful places on earth?

You will have the chance to visit beautiful coastlines such as the Caribbean, Mediterranean, Asia, Australia, Europe and many more. No matter where you will sail during your time, you will have unforgettable adventures and beautiful memories at the end of your contract.


Photography is one of the most popular jobs on board for those, who want to try this way of life, but interested in something more special than the F&B. Also, it is common that the talented applicants see the limitless opportunities for practice, by the endless line of models, high roll counts and training programs on board.




In the following, you will see the three main areas of your daily tasks.


Professional photography

This is one of the main tasks onboard, where you will take professional images from the guests with the use of backgrounds, lights, props and similar tools. Most of the time there is an exact schedule about the props, backgrounds, poses you will use, which makes the job easier - of course, your own quality ideas are welcomed.



Snapshots are more simple images, taken at many places of the ship, during the whole day. In practice, these locations can be the gangway every morning, the dock with props, dining rooms and all the similar places where you cannot use backgrounds and other equipment. These images are more simple, but provide a great piece of memory for the guests in a good quality no surprise that these are the second on the income’s list.


Sales in the Gallery

Taking the pictures are only the half of the battle – you also need to sell them. For this reason, there is a photo gallery on board, which you can imagine as a big shop. All the guests can find/buy their own images here, and your job is to assist them. With better sales skills you can make a good extra income over your salary.




For every cruise, you will have your schedule with the locations you will take pictures, and the other details. Let’s check out these areas a little bit more:



It is a typical morning duty where you take pictures of the guests while they are leaving the ship through the gangway, and on the docks with different characters (pirates, or other costumes) and props (captain’s wheel, etc.)


This will take 2-4 hours only because almost all of the guests leave just right after the clearance. Actually, it means a rush, but you and your 4-6 teammates will be able to handle the crowd.



It is quite similar to the gangway, the only difference that you will complete this task during the day. You will see on your schedule the location where you have to go, and the prop you need to use during this photo shoot.

At the location, your only job is to call the guests and invite them to take the pictures - of course as much as you can.


Dining Rooms

This is the shortest task you will complete. During the night (not every night) you and your 4-5 team members will visit the restaurants, go around the tables and take neat images of the guests. It sounds tricky, but you will use planned cropping, preset camera details, and effective methods to do the job with the best quality. 


Professional photo shoots (portraits)

The portrait shooting is your most important job on board. You will have a desired location on the ship, a background you need to shoot in the front of, and a sequence of poses you need to use. By the time you can give your signature style and ideas for these images to make them more popular and salable.


It is important to mention that this will be the time when you can gain hundreds of hours of routine, with a different style, shape, and kind of models, which would be impossible on land.



Just as we mentioned, the gallery is the place where you can sell the images with extra accessories (frames, canvas prints, cameras and much more) and generate income for the department.


The gallery is opened every night, and 2-4 of you are working there in rotation.


During the gallery hours, you have to help for the guests to find their own images (10000x ready images are on the walls) assist them, and also use sale methods to sell as much as possible.

It is important to know that you commission will come from the income generated in the Gallery, so with better sales skills you can make a nice extra for yourself.



You would be surprised how many couples choose the ships as the location of their big day – I’ll tell you: Many!


To cover their need there are specially trained team members, who are allowed to take pictures of them. By the time you can get trained, which means that you will have a great opportunity to earn more while taking images in your signature style and gain valuable professional experience.


Private photo shoots

Over the weddings, there are opportunities to do pre-ordered photo shoots for the guests, who would like to take fully professional images. To cover this duty you will be trained by the company, and signed up especially for this duty.

Main cruising regions:

You can find the vessels of these companies all around the world with one common fact: You will visit the most beautiful and exciting coastlines and cities, with an extra that you will be back almost weekly, while someone else must wait for their next yearly holiday

You can check out our short collection of places you might be able to visit, or see the oncoming itineraries or find out where are the vessels at in this moment.

Don’t forget Independently from the traveling, you must focus on your job and complete it trustworthily. All adventure, parties, and fun must come after.

„I've seen 28 different countries during 3 contracts. Places like Belize, Honduras, Mexico, Greece, Norway, Russia and much more..."



Just as everyone onboard, you will work 8-11 hours daily with multiple breaks.


For example, you can imagine an average day with the morning on the gangway until noon, then 4-5 hours of free time, and on duty again until 11 pm – or a free morning with a 1 pm start until 11 pm with short breaks.


Remember, no matter how your schedule is, you will have time to rest properly or leave the vessel according to your mood.


By the fact that these vessels are operating without a stop, you will work 7 days weekly just as all your mates. It might seem difficult but you will get used to this special rhythm fast. From the other hand, there is no sense to have a full day off, because everyone else is working so there won’t be a company to spend it with.




The main requirement of application is the experience and routine in photography. Of course, it doesn't mean that you must be an experienced professional photographer, but you should have at least 1-2 years of experience as a hobbyist and be able to handle a DSLR camera with routine.


Also, you must be fully aware with the conceptions of the photography, such as the aperture/ISO/shutter speed connection, exposition timing, use of natural lights and flashes, or composition rules. During the interview with us, we will focus on these skills, to ensure that you will meet the requirements.


  • Experienced, but not with DSLR: You are not allowed to apply, but the advantage is that you already own the needed photo skills. In this case, you just need to do your homework, borrow a DSLR and start practice to gain the needed confidence.

  • Editing skills? Not required, but it is a big plus if you can handle the most popular programs like PS. LR. AE and similar.

  • What about the portfolio? It is required but you need to send it only after your registration.

    There must be minimum 15 images made by you, where at least 10 belongs to one of the following categories: Family, Fashion, Glamour, Portrait, Act. (These can reflect your own signature style but there must be a concept with people in the focus)

    The other 5 can be your best or favorite shots.




To work on one of these vessels you must be able to speak English confidently, on a conversational level or higher Your skills will be assessed during the interviews. Also, it is important to know the specialized words of photography, because you will use them daily.


With a basic English, or different language knowledge you won’t be able to sign up, because the proper communication is a big part of your job, and you need to meet the safety standards at the same time.




In contrary with the land-based life where you must calculate with living costs, your meals and accommodation will be free onboard during your whole contract. To understand the real value of your salary, just remember when was the last time when you could save 1300USD net at the end of the month after you paid your rent, meals, car, travel and similar expenses.


In practice, you can calculate with a fix base salary plus the extra income from the sales commission, which will be raised by your promotions during the contract. Thanks for this you can expect 700-1000USD monthly income in your first 3-5 weeks of your contract then an average 1300USD/month when you get promoted. Don’t forget that you can earn more with the effective sales, and promotions to higher levels.




You can build a nice career on the cruise ships because with the promotions you can raise your salary, and start to work as a wedding photographer, or independent professional photographer later on. It all depends on your dedication and work quality.


Over the dimensions of the photography, you can aim manager positions if you feel that area suitable.


No matter which you prefer, it is not necessary to wait long years for a promotion - by the continuous rotation of the contracts and holidays, the career path of the dedicated crew is way faster than on land.

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Thanks for the Image you can work on the vessels of the Royal Caribbean Cruises, Celebrity Cruises, Disney and Paul Gauguin.

No matter which one you will be assigned to, you will have a great team to work with, and all conditions for your comfort.

Do you want to know more about them? Click on the images and explore the fleet...

"As a photographer, we were allowed to use the guest areas with a few basic restrictions - and dancing in the disco or having a drink in one of the opened bars are quite extraordinary..."

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