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Cruise ship jobs - application from Croatia

It seems difficult but it is easier than you think. As an international agency we must pay attention to make your application process as simple as it can, and in the following post, you can revise how you can apply to one of our Ocean or River Cruise ship jobs directly from home.

1 - Contact us:

On this website you can find all core information you will need with a bunch of extra interesting facts such as the way how the crew spends their free time, or the details about the job themselves.

FACEBOOK: Over the website, you can revise the actual openings opportunities on our Facebook page and you have the opportunity to ask via MESSENGER.

Why in English? It is simple – to apply you must speak English properly, so if you understand most of the infos that means your English skills are fine 😊

2 - Registration/application:

To apply you just need to send us your CV to our e-mail address ( ) and we will send you all the information you need to know about the exact job and answer your questions properly. Then you can register to let us know your preferences.

Important to know that with the registration you are not obligated to travel or apply, it just needed to clarify that you are suitable for the job or not.

3 - Interviews:

Depends on the job you applied for, you will have 1 or 2 interviews with us or with the representative of the company, to make sure that all your questions are answered.

These interviews are always on Skype and we choose a time/date which is suitable for you. Of course, if you have more questions we can discuss more on Skype or phone according to your needs.

4 - Job Fairs:

As the last step of the application, you can participate in one of our Job Fairs and Events where you can meet us and the representatives of the company. These events are in CROATIA in every 3-5 months of the year.

After the successful interview, you will receive the documentation by courier and can obtain your medical, visa and other needed documents in Croatia with our assistance. Easy and simple.

Trust and quality

We know that it needs more confidence to apply internationally instead of your own native language, but you don’t need to worry about:

  • You don’t need to pay agency or application fees at all – because we are directly recruit for the companies without other agencies.

  • We meet the UK ICO data protection standards.

  • We are an MLC 2006 certified agency with a certification issued by the UK Maritime&Coastguard Agency. This standard is needed to work with any cruise line directly and can be revised here.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us via


Phone: +36 70 88 55 749 + 447937183463

or directly on Facebook via Messenger